Elections Support

IOM believes that supporting genuine elections contributes to development and peace. Fair elections allow people to voice their preferences and to choose their representatives. By encouraging popular participation and engagement in a country's political future, communities become more stable and the potential for future large-scale population displacement and instability is reduced.

Since 2001 IOM has been actively involved in supporting almost 50 EU Election Observation Missions (EU EOMs) worldwide (see map above). IOM is contracted by the EU Foreign Policy Instrument to provide all necessary logistical/operational, security and administrative support within an EU EOM, thus enabling Mission’s members to carry out their observation tasks in a secure and safe manner. The implementation of the EU EOMs is managed by the IOM Regional Office in Brussels in close coordination with the IOM Country Missions where the elections are observed.

For more information on the EU's election observation missions, visit the EU's Election Observation website.

During the last three years IOM provided support to these EU EOMs: